2017 #905


Janina, 14dec2017. Adobe Photo Express.

It’s that annual time again, to let you know that I’m really still alive and to update my About page photo. As you can see, I’m at the optometrist, wearing my new script reading spectacles. I can see again! The change in my right eye is minimal. Cataracts are forming there and I have been keeping up the vitamin C intake to manage the condition, with success. The optometrist was impressed and thinks it could be held in abeyance for quite some time! Yay. 😎


Author: jmnowak

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    1. It is, especially for a photographer as it’s my focusing eye when using the DSLR, tho I’ve been concentrating on using the cellphone as my camera for some time now. And generally too. I learned about the vitamin C when searching cataracts online. 🤶

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