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  1. Aahh, that makes sense, then, Sarah! πŸ˜„ How about setting up a WP blogsite to show us some of your digital work, the stuff you’d be proud to show your mother? Without it being too teachy! I must admit that, at this point of my life, I prefer to see the end result, not the million steps it took to get there. Boring. Lol.


    1. Thank you Sarah! The process was very straightforward and done on my phone, which also took the original image. A close crop, then mirrored and filter effect chosen in PicturesLab, with a final oomph and framing given it in Adobe Photo Express. It’s all about feeling and seeing the potential within an image. I don’t keep detailed notes about the steps taken as often it is many and adding more layers using different software programs. It doesn’t always work, but I like to experiment! I’m glad you like it. 🎈
      Update just now: I decided to look at the file information as often I tend to forget since I process many images. I note that I used the Mirror effect in PicturesLab and two further elements were added using Autodesk Pixlr based on the codes used. These would have been a filter effect with adjustments and the frame. One gets to know which file naming codes belong to the different programs after a while.

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          1. Why, you’re a watercolourist?!
          2. Mine is a Windows phone; eg PicturesLab is Windows-specific.
          3. Pointers? I just do what I feel like. There is no method to it. As I said, I like to experiment…and, this is not a teaching blog! Just a place to display these attempts.

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          1. I am a watercolorist who loves all kinds of art. I use my iPad to help me think about my images. Apps such as Photos, Snapseed, Tangle, and ToonCamera are helpful for considering options and help me consider possibilities for my traditional medium.

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