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Yesterday I spent some time updating my personal details and security on a number of online sites I frequent. I made these changes using the PC not my cellphone.

I had also decided to do minor aesthetic changes to my WordPress site also as I like to do so at least annually. You know, a change is as good as a holiday, or at least I think so. I’d almost forgotten how to do it as it’s been so long and all my postings in 2017 have been made using my phone. I’m glad I made this decision. There have been a few changes in the backend and it was interesting to see what they were. A very pleasant surprise and lesson. I made the admin. changes, all smooth sailing with my Win10 PC. Emphasis on smooth, yeah baby! 😍 Of course, as I suspected a while ago, Google has stuck its big moosh in here too. Whatever. Matt’s gotta make a buck.

When it came to the blogsite itself, the only change made was to the background image, which is now just a shade of grey. Yet, I was unable to change the actual main background colour. Don’t know why. That’s okay, I still like it. It all blends in nicely.

In the Customizer, as I was looking at the site in Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone layout, I asked myself the question: Why can’t we disable a particular layout? My work looks crap, let’s be honest about it, when viewed in full desktop mode; I tend to upload full size images and the post layout makes use of that. I advise my viewers, via the About page, to view the blog on a smartphone. And I saw that the Tablet layout also looks reasonable. My blog theme, Twenty Sixteen, is mobile-friendly and looks very good on my phone.

So, I would like to be able to disable the Desktop layout. WordPress engineers, this is something to consider, please!


Seedpods. Various software.

5feb update: In the comments below, I mention I had reached three conclusions (as to why all my images appear washed out on my HP laptop). The actual cause — I had forgotten that one needs to choose the colour profile in Color Management and set that as the standard. Now done, all okay.

Now I see the latest Win10 update has stripped the few image editing programs used on my phone, eg Adobe Photo Express etc that I had installed on the PC, being programs also usable on a PC and allowable. And, now, any images processed using them appear in the Photos app as a grey placeholder and give a message that it seems I don’t have permission to access them. What?!

11feb: I did some major PC maintenance today. HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (all good there thank goodness). Privacy and security settings, especially network, the background apps, as well as just working my way through all the settings and re-configuring more appropriate choices now that I’ve had the PC for a while. Part of this was updating the apps I use the most, including Photos. Well, that solved the placeholders issue. My thinking just quietly had been the possibility of missing links, and that was it! I had recently copied over all the info from my old external hard drive to the new 2Tb Seagate Slim extHD. The new version of the Photos app has taken care of the greying-out issue by adding the new location in front of the old filepath. Sweet! I also decided to copy over to the Seagate all the image folders on my smartphone memory card, the Seagate being where I import photos to via the Photos app. Doubling up, but can live with it. Now, I’ll see if I can install one or two of the image editing softwares from Microsoft Store, if they’re still available, at least updated versions for the PC.

Security issues with email also being looked at, and have posted a discussion in the Outlook Microsoft Community today.

Anything else? Lol.


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6 thoughts on “Viewing a blog”

  1. Janina, I am perfectly happy with the way your blog shows on my 24″ screen. It is clean and fast. It is certainly not crap to my eyes. But taste and colours … Even if it looks far better on a smartphone or a tablet, I will not navigate Internet on these small screens. Human body and eyes are not made to bend over tiny screens … on top of age which does not improve short distance vision. Whatever you do, many thanks !

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    1. Oh, Gilles, thank you! Beaucoup. 💋 I agree with you re navigating the internet and the vision business, one of the reasons I chose a larger text size, so I could read my blog on my phone…lol!
      I’ve been doing a little investigating re why the images look so washed out on my PC. It’s the first time this has happened. So far I have reached three conclusions, but still to determine the actual cause. 🖼

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  2. I view all blog posts on a desktop PC. I use my phone for taking photos and outgoing calls. Your site always looked very nice to me. I admire the clean look and I do like the background color.

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    1. Have you viewed my blog on your phone or tablet? My HP 14inch laptop makes it look, well, crap! Washed out, and, as you know, larger images show detail in greater detail, ie scratches et al. Smaller/condensed images always look cleaner and sharper and more vibrant (depending on the effect I wish for), and that suits me as I am not editing them in Lightroom or any other program on my PC. The edits are done on my phone, which has a small screen, around five inches I think. I haven’t looked at the blog yet on my new Samsung eight inch tablet, so can’t comment.
      😎 re liking the blog design and colours. I’m a minimalist, so suits me! When I refer to the ‘main background colour’ I should’ve said ‘the blogsite’s main body colour’. I can live with it as it is now (I did choose it after all). I just wanted to warm it up a bit as a change.
      I have decided to put my suggestion in the WP Forum and see what they think.


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