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This is an experiment.

  • Home= Regular postings where I’m showing attempts at images of a more ‘arty’ ‘painterly’ ‘creative’ mode (whatever that is), produced using image editing and painting software and as seen on the small screen on my Windows phone. Hence, the reason you see small imagery.  In fact, I suggest you view them and this blog on your smartphone or tablet, to get some idea of what I see when creating them. Happy exploring!
    Sources can be either from my dSLR, Nikon and Fujifilm compact digitals or the cellphone. Various editing software. Expect to see many iterations of an image, and some failures. This is my play, this is what I like to do. This is the experiment + the indulgence. This is not fine art, for that I suggest you visit Fine Art America.
  • About = This informative About page that you are currently reading. Now, a little about me, after all that’s what this page is called! I’ve been photographing since I was ten years old, when I received my first camera from my stepfather for my birthday, a standard Kodak Box Brownie. Six months later, for Christmas, I received a very fancy flash setup to add to the camera. After that, I became the family’s go-to person to record family events and the usual holiday snaps. Even at such a young age, I tried to compose those images in a way slightly different from the normal candids and kept training my eye to see.
    I obtained my first SLR, a film camera, Fujica ST605 50mm lens, no flash, no tripod, only in 1976. Teaching myself as I went along. My first more serious efforts came about after I joined the camera club where I worked, GM-H Camera Club, Port Melbourne. I became its Secretary for one year, 1978, a most enlightening experience, learning about lots of things to do with organising and participating in the activities, but, more importantly, eventually realising I really needed to do some training to get the best out of my camera and myself. So, in 1982, I attended Photography Studies College in South Melbourne and completed and passed the first year of their 4-year Diploma in Illustrative Photography, part-time, doing the same amount of work as the full-time students. Each year was a complete module in itself, the first year covering five months of 35mm colour slide film, five months black + white and printing, producing the required portfolio each term. Subjects such as people portraits, environmental people portraits, structures, landscape (non-manmade), street, floral, animals, action. No flash allowed, no studio or deliberate poses, handheld. Learning to see the light and what it did. And, yes, I do have the right to say I attended the college.
    Since that time, I have come to appreciate the beauty in ambient light photography, although sometimes I do use the flash on my (now) digital SLR, a Nikon D80, but that is a rare occurrence.
    I tend to push myself to learn as much as I can, just by experimenting and seeing the results. The grass doesn’t grow under my photographic feet, hence, I have no ‘style’. I don’t want a style. I like variety. And I like to make mistakes from which I continue to learn. You know the old saying: If you don’t have a go, you’ll never know! Now, often my ‘art’ tool of choice is my Windows smartphone and a variety of image editing software thereon. I’m having a lot of fun with it, taking pix with it, as well as downloading some of my older photos onto the phone and playing around to see what I can achieve. I’ve been most pleasantly surprised. I do use other software such as Lightroom for the more serious work (some of which you’ll see in my online sales site).
    So, enough with the nerdy talk! Enjoy your visit. Hope you find something you really like. If you wish to download any image, please do so, with my best wishes, but please accredit the source if you do decide to use it.

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