2018 #914

Fantasia Painting(15) - Copy

Created in Fantasia Painter, this was the first time I tried to have some order with the design. Imagine, if you will, an ancient terracotta vessel with highly glazed, colourful round cabochons on the surface reminiscent of colours found at the seaside; the interior a matte finish in ochre. The vessel could be used to hold grapes for eating, or perhaps dried plants of the region. Placed on show somewhere in the home. That was my inspiration. 🎁

2018 #913

Fantasia Painting

Happy 2018 everyone! 👡

No, guys, I’m not back from my much-needed break. I’ve just decided to post from work done in the last couple of months of 2017. To square things. Starting with this abstraction created using Fantasia Painter. I’m fascinated by how the app, in this collage mode, decides to choose parts from the much larger image to create this, to me, a more interesting outcome. The green ‘ladders’ have been turned into the main focal points of the composition. I like it! 🎈

Merry Christmas! 🤶


Fantasia Painting - Copy (7)
Fantasia Painter

I wish you all a very festive greeting for the holidays. May it be happy and lighthearted and full of good blessings. I will take a short break to stoke up the fires and renew some spirit after a very hard year. Thank you to all my followers and inadvertent visitors during this year. You have provided me with quiet support and encouragement,  which I truly appreciate. You are ‘the wind beneath my wings.’ Keep safe. 💋