2018 #932

Waiting for lunch…


I’m really getting into Fhotoroom and being more bold by trying out its more professional editing commands. The previous post was a first attempt.

You’ve seen today’s image already. All that had been done to it was to add some extras to the out-of-the-camera foto from my Lumia950 using Fantasia Painter. A bit of fun. I think search using the tag text.

Here’s my recipe for today’s:

  1. Tsar filter effect at 100%.
  2. Increase Shadow a tad, ie darken.
  3. Add Black point a tad.
  4. Add White point a tad.
  5. Add red Shadow tint a tad (seen in the bottom left of the pic).
  6. Add a Square frame, in black.
  7. Save image as interlaced PNG. A whopping 18Mb. No I did not upload that one! 🙄

BTW, a tad means a little, something like 5 to 10 on the slider.

I tbink the PNG images have a quiet glow, or perhaps that ought to be called vibrancy. I like it. What do you think?