2017 #793

Phototastic-4_04_2017_387743f6-8c6a-43e8-9e7c-ef23d9bc06b5 (2)
Seedpod shadow collage.

Not sure I like this! The original image I processed a few different monochromatic ways in PicturesLab, then made the collage in Phototastic Collage. This posted version is a very close crop. 🖼

2017 #685

Often on my blog, I have mentioned my fascination with shadows, especially how they play on my walls. I’m fortunate to have a garden full of native trees and bushes that are the source of this shadowplay. You’ve seen a few posts on this subject. It’s a subject that never turns out the same. Variables such as time of day, the light, the wind, the season always make different patterns. And some days, if it’s windy enough, those shadows provide my own movie show of which I never tire. Here is a mosaic of recent fotos taken looking thru my bedroom window whilst laying on my bed for an afternoon rest. Moody is what I felt to be right for these images, all processed in Fhotoroom. The final pic has been posted to IG. I’m debating about the others.