2017 #879

On the same rainy day, I noticed these banners for an exhibition of Wallace + Gromit movies made by tbe Aardman studios. I adore Gromit, and Wallace, in a distant way, reminds me of my ex-husband, who loved tinkering and building things. He was a very bright boy. And he loved cheese too. 🛠

2017 #721


I’m gonna eat you up if you’re not careful! PicturesLab.

That’s the feeling I get when I look at this building! Can you guess, I do not like this apartment building, just two streets from where I live, which is a quiet pocket of historic residential homes. On a really sunny day, guess what happens with that gold shiny fascia? Yep. How this passed muster with the local Planning authorities is unfathomable (unless someone’s palm was greased)? 🎴


2016 #648

City architecture photoshoots is not really my thing as I don’t have the right equipment, although occasionally I have been lucky. I’m not into leaning buildings…bah! And as for doing zooms with the phone usually is not a good result. Thankfully, some phone apps have the Straighten tool, and I make good use of it. Here’s a recent zoom shot taken on the Lumia950 whilst waiting for my tram. CGU is an insurance company and Deloitte, well, you know what they do!


The phone captured the original as an .evminus.dng file of 25.6Mb. Why? I dunno. What is that? Processed in Fhotoroom.


2016 #562

St Kilda is an arts community, apart from being the city’s fun playground by the sea. Its artistry can be seen in many ways, the most obvious being artworks painted onto building exteriors or inside shopping arcades and as street art in hidden lanes. Big Mouth has been here, at the corner of Acland and Barkly Streets, for quite a long time, and been through various renovations. It is a two-level eatery and in its original incarnation was a tea room. Below is the current view of the artwork on the point of the building. Yes, the day was quite dismal, but the closeup image further below is in black+white to show some of the detail in this rather full composition. Items with meaning. The white cockatoo (a native bird), the palm trees, which are not native but are iconic to St Kilda, various famous local buildings, the woman’s lips I see as a nod to the name, Big Mouth, and so on.

Big Mouth eatery, St Kilda. PicturesLab.
Big Mouth eatery, St Kilda. PicturesLab.
Closeup of Big Mouth artwork. PicSketch.
Closeup of Big Mouth artwork. PicSketch.