2016 #648

City architecture photoshoots is not really my thing as I don’t have the right equipment, although occasionally I have been lucky. I’m not into leaning buildings…bah! And as for doing zooms with the phone usually is not a good result. Thankfully, some phone apps have the Straighten tool, and I make good use of it. Here’s a recent zoom shot taken on the Lumia950 whilst waiting for my tram. CGU is an insurance company and Deloitte, well, you know what they do!


The phone captured the original as an .evminus.dng file of 25.6Mb. Why? I dunno. What is that? Processed in Fhotoroom.


2016 #611

Another Blendifier test. Spotty I know from all the lights in the store, but I was interested to see the transparency of the overlaid blended image. Also, I find it extraordinary that I must presume my original jpg image, when used as a blender-image, is turned into a transparent png image, before saving the final one as a jpg again! How does it do that? And all within a tiny gadget like a smartphone. *Can you see someone, there, in the window?

Nique Pop Up store. Blendifier.
Nique Pop Up store. Blendifier.


2016 #547

Found ’em…Here are the originals. For the moment, this is the final of my Window Advertising series as found in my local neighbourhood of South Melbourne. What’s so interesting about these, you’re wondering? Well, nothing really. I guess, as with the first post in this particular series (see tag: windows), just to show that one can redeem a not-so-good image by turning it into something else using creative image editing software (which have already been posted).