2017 #904


Fantasia Painting(7) - Copy
Light 4, Fantasia Painter.

My previous post, Neat! (the wonderful work of Andrew Henderson) I would like to remain as the final post of the year so everyone could oohh and aahh over it for a while. But, let’s face it, I could never do something so creative painting-wise! So, must move on…


2017 #891

Fantasia Painting(4)

Here is the second Fantasia Painter edit. This was a vase of fake Empress Lily. Both the flower and leaves are big.

I chose the Dark Dream effect at 50% as an overall mask. FP has a number of different style of masks, eg overall at 100%, 75% or 50%, or as directional masking the left, top, right areas of tbe image, or as a translucent border, and so on.

The Smudge tool removed some minor spotting. Again, all the tools come in various formats to emulate drawing styles. Remember: This is essentially a painting/drawing application. When used, a zoomed-in area appears in the top left corner of the work area and showing crosshairs, so that you can see more clearly what you are doing. Of course, one can zoom in the image greater than 100% for those of us like me who have eyesight issues.

The Lighten tool was used on the flower edges and top of the stamen. All done using my fat index finger!

This style of border automatically enlarges the image, acting like a crop. One can re-adjust to suit tho. 🎑