2017 #744


Lights. Fhotoroom.

I’m showing this photo only as an example of the interesting results of some subject matter and of the tool (the person and/or camera).

Both lights have cages around them. The lightglobe on the wooden upright beam was a squiggly shape. I had hoped to show that quirky shape and thought the metal cage around it would act like a halftone screen, so that the shape was visible, much like the globe on the left. As you can see, it has photographed as a straight thin fluorescent light might look. It’s curious. I decided it must have something to do with the globes’ lumens rating; the one on the left probably less than the one on the beam. I’m not sure if my Lumia950 could produce an image that can differentiate this level of detail without the benefit of a specific filter of some kind. I did not try again. But, I may go back to that cafĂ© and see. 📲